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St. Mary's Dante Hall

Contractor: Lescure Company

This is a project that Lescure Company took the lead in, contracting directly with the Owner, taking care of all phases of construction, from excavation, pad construction, and wall frame and patch, to piping and installation of equipment. Working as the prime contractor eliminated a layer of administration, enabling quick turnaround of questions and decisions, keeping the job on schedule. With a three month job duration, saving time was essential. The Mitsubishi City Multi utilized is state of the art, using two refrigeration lines to give both heating and cooling. The ability to control individual areas and simultaneously heat one area while cooling another makes this system ideal for many situations. The Dante Hall project is one of the largest projects in the area to date to use this system, though in Japan, many larger projects have been done. Whenever a project requires retrofitting, ceiling and wall spaces become an issue, with the City Multi, piping sizes are small, and ducting requirements are minimized.