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Our Company History

1950’s photo of Lescure Company with a sign saying “We can cure dishtemper.”

In the mid 1940's a small plumbing contractor sold their Lafayette Branch to Marcel Lescure. The year, 1946, would be the start of Lescure Company. In 1948, the building Lescure Company currently occupies, was built by Marcel and Charlotte Lescure. At that time Lescure Company sold retail plumbing supplies, fixtures and appliances in addition to contract work.

In 1950 Lescure Company grew and became a good size residential, commercial and industrial contractor. During this time Marcel Lescure was elected to the Board of Directors of the Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors of Contra Costa County (PHCC-CCC). The PHCC-CCC started the Central Contra Costa Builders Exchange. Marcel was elected President of the Builder's Exchange in 1958.

Original contractor’s licence from 1947.
Original contractor’s license from 1947.

During the 1950's Lescure Company was performing 90% of their work for one residential developer. The developer bet the subcontractor's money on the Carl "Bo Bo" Olsen fight. "Bo Bo" Olsen lost the fight and the developer filed bankruptcy. This was a difficult period in Lescure's history. In 1957 Norman Lescure joined Lescure Company with the goal and agreement to rebuild Lescure Company into a meaningful and active company. Lescure Company's net worth was $8,000.

In the 1960's Lescure Company developed a long-standing relationship with Kaiser Construction Services and entered Hospital construction. Bob Brown was hired as the heating and air conditioning serviceman. In 1966 Lescure Company was incorporated with a net worth of $30,000 and moved back into residential tract work. This was the start of a progressive and continual growth pattern.

Early Lescure workmen on-site
Early Lescure workmen on-site

In 1970 Marcel Lescure passed away, leaving Norman Lescure to become president. Norman added a new division for Lescure Company, a Fire Sprinkler Division. 1971, Norman was elected President of the PHCC-CCC, served on the management team for union labor negotiations, and was Trustee for the Union Trust Funds. Norman is still serving today. In 1976 Norman was elected President of the Plumbing, Heating, piping and Employee Council of the Labor Negotiation Council. In 1971 Norman & Kathryn Lescure bought controlling interest in Lescure Company. In 1978 Charlotte Lescure Retired. Also in the mid 1970's Mike and Allen Lescure began showing up in the shop learning a lot about the business and industry, working as "Shop Boy's" delivering material and checking inventory and probably getting in the way. Mike also entered his apprenticeship with Plumbers U.A. Local 159 in Contra Costa County.

In 1980 Lescure Company purchased Wilson Plumbing. This was a major growth factor. Lescure Company doubled in size, tripled in ability, and moved into the design-build commercial area. In 1982 Norman and Kathryn purchased Lescure Company outright, and Mike Lescure turned-out of the Local 159 Apprenticeship as a Journeyman plumber but continued to work for Champion Plumbing in Walnut Creek, returning to Lescure Company in 1983 as a Foreman Plumber. Around this time of 1983-85 Allen Lescure had graduated from San Francisco State University and after working various jobs and acquiring a multitude of business experiences, he returned to Lescure Company as an assistant project manager. Around this same time Brian Lescure, following his brothers, started showing up at the company helping out in the shop and on projects as a laborer, mostly digging trenches but learning the basis of our industry. Brian entered his apprenticeship at Plumbers U.A. Local 159 apprenticeship in 1987.

In 1987-89 Lescure Company employed a younger generation to be trained for the future of Lescure Company. The company acquired this "A" License, which opened the door to additional specialty work, most notably in underground and design-build specialty projects. In this time Mike Lescure took over all field operations and in 1988 became a Vice President of the corporation. By 1990 Allen Lescure was a full time project manager and Brian Lescure turned-out as a Journeyman plumber soon to be a Foreman.

In 1990, Norman was elected President of the merged PHCC of Contra Costa and Alameda. The Fire Sprinkler Division was closed and Miar Plumbing Company was purchased. Norman Lescure was elected to the Board of Directors of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Northern California. Around this time Norman had the vision to install computers in the office and purchase a newly developed accounting system. His forward vision of technology is the baseline and the reason Lescure Company is as advanced as it is today. Just like tools of the trade Norman's vision of the right tools and latest systems to get the job done, is the reason this company is as successful as it is today.

In 1992 with the self-taught help from Alan Reshel and Jennifer Tomson, Lescure Company began developing AutoCAD drawings for field installation and pre-fabrication. This was very early in its development, but certainly was recognized as a huge time saver as well as a tool to insure projects were built and installed to Lescure Company's high standards of accuracy and quality.  It was not to long after this we started recognizing the benefits in early design-build and MEPS coordination, which Lescure Company was utilizing long before it was fashionable.

In 1994 Lescure Company started the succession plan to transfer management of Lescure Company to the team now operating Lescure Company. 1999 brought the retirements of Norman Lescure (a lifetime), Bob Brown (35 years), Cass Ruef (20 years), and Cindy Barden (11 years). With half the Management team retired, they left behind a prosperous and continually growing company.

1997-99 The company started taking on the challenges of larger and more difficult projects, mostly in the OSHPD medical field. An increase in Auto-CAD design-build mechanical projects became our forte. Thus began the training of many of the expert OHSPD mechanical team we currently have today. Most of this current team have been with Lescure Company for over ten years and have added their experience and expertise to the company's standards of operation. Allen Lescure as Vice President and head of project management has developed most of the systems of project management we used today, as a solid means of documentation and job cost tracking.

1998 began the company buyout of Norman and Kathryn Lescure by Mike, Allen and Brian Lescure. This change of ownership has allowed for continued change and growth of Norman's original vision and provided the new owners and its employees the baseline business and tools for the company to learn and grow in the future. This buyout structure has allowed Norman and Kathryn to enjoy the benefits of retirement after years of hard work and struggle, but also remain as CFO, Chairman of the Board and all around advisor and mentor.

The 2000's have brought great change and growth to the company, mostly recognized through the efforts of our family of employees. In 2003 Lescure Company benefitted by the closing of Scott Company with the hiring of Steve Takahashi currently Head of Sales and Estimating and Thomas Burpee currently Controller and Accounting Manager, along with other highly qualified field foreman. These added people have brought a higher level of efficiency and new ideas of business operation to the company.

In 2006 with the help of our ever developing computer systems and technology, we started on the journey to learn and create (true by definition) 3D BIM Mechanical documents. Alan Reshel who is currently the company's IT and Auto CAD manager, has ensured our team is staying ahead of the industry. Most recently hiring personnel and developing knowledge in the production of true 3D BIM documents.

In 2008 Lescure Technologies was formed to answer the need for TI support and services, and future development of systems and programs. Lescure Company is currently in research and development of 4D and 5D BIM cost and scheduling models. We can see the benefits to owners and ourselves when Lescure Company can present these working programs to our customers and the industry.

The Lescure family is still guiding the company with Michael Lescure as President, Allen Lescure as Vice-President/Head of Project Management and Brian Lescure in charge of company safety and field operations, Thomas Burpee as Controller and Conrad Chin as Manager of Estimating/Sales. Not to mention the Foreman Team who are the backbone of this company, without who's effort in field operations and for most project management and CAD design we could not be as successful as we are today.

We want to give a special thank you to all who have contributed to Lescure Company's success the first 60 years, and as we race towards the next 60 we hope to have you all along for the ride.